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The Vintage Cinema Club

Unplugged Acoustic Session, Kulturverein Einbaumöbel Wien, Austria 20181122


After the acclaimed gig with the Schwoazogler at the Café Carina, The Vintage Cinema Club is back in Vienna. But not in full cast and all electric guitars, but in a three-piece combination and acoustic gear.

For this occasion, Chris (also Colour Line and A Clean State), Lucca and Steven enter the Kulturverein Einbaumöbel. Located right next to the Venster 99, the audience from there belongs to the catchment area as well. Because of that, the number of listeners increases during the concert. Personal highlight of the set is the wonderful “Modern Times”, that comes with an amazing atmosphere, getting lost in this punk rock place beneath the subway.

Another special moment is the new song “Picture of you”, that Chris performs alone, just his voice and his guitar. It shows that his voice got very strong and expressive because of a lot of practising as he tells. Accompanied by Stevens high over-voice in many situations sounds great as well. What Steven does with his voice, Lucca does with his guitar, and also adds powerful chords and rhythms. Compared to their “plugged” version, the three appear like another band, but still like TVCC.

The audience also includes the bassist of the group Contact, who uses the living room concert flair to get into a conversation with Chris. At the announcement of “Fashion”, he makes the compliment “Fescher Mann” – German for “good-looking guy”. As the band finishes the regular set, he calls their departure “smoothe”, a word that obviously attracts Chris. After the concert, he reveals that Contact will play at Kramladen on 30th January 2019.

But they are not the only ones with plans. The Vintage Cinema Club finally finished their record (a lot of it got recorded together with Paul Beller from The Helmut Bergers). On the 15th December, they will release it at the Shakespeare Salzburg together with a painting artist.


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