Intimate dancing at the wall

Rotor, Triptonus

Zwanzig Jahre Tour 2018 presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Wien – Dreiraum, Austria 20181120


Tuesday – another Roadtrip day. Surprisingly the acts of the day play at the quite small Dreiraum instead of the small or big hall. A good thing for the privileged ones who got a ticket as the place makes it quite intimate. Unsurprising that the show is sold out.

“The perfect ‘support’, thanks. Awesome line-up!” This Facebook-comment basically just nails it and says everything about the first band Triptonus. The local Psychedelic masters perform with two percussionists, who play the djembe, wave drum and sample pad and also a didgeridoo, which falls into one’s eye the very first second. So far they released an EP (“Sprout” with over 40 minutes, artwork by Kape Illustration) and the self-titled debut album. The next one they will release before Tool, as they joke. The string-section does a great job too, shining with high fineness. And not only because of the didgeridoo reminding of the jew’s harp but also the heavy riffs, somehow Triptonus makes one think of New UrengoY.

During the break “Flying to Miami” from the movie “Nati con la camicia” floats through the room. Until Rotor hit the stage. The band from Berlin celebrates their 20th anniversary and recently released their new record “Sechs”. It might be frowned upon calling their music Stoner Rock, and true, it is a lot more. The pressuring sound basically should please everyone in love with riffs, who isn’t fixated on singing. From very classic Led Zeppelin to Soundgarden or modern Chickenfoot, there is much to find in their music. The strong and friendly performance comes in addition to their huge songs. And so the sold out Dreiraum is dancing from the front to the once standing at the wall in the back. The principle of this intimate atmosphere caused another amazing Roadtrip night.