No Fear All Heartwarming


OK Human Live with the LA Philharmonics and YOLA presented by NoCap Shows at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, USA 20210417

Right within the Roadburn Redux, another stream is up to lift your mood. Overseas, Saliva has been performing and NoCap now presents another classic with a new record after the Foo Fighters.

Weezer had several legendary albums, mostly known after a colour. But not only, thinking of “Make Believe” including “Beverly Hills”, finding similarities to “Beverly Hills Cop II” or “We Are All On Drugs” or the recent “Lost in the Woods” from Frozen 2. Because they won’t play at the stadium with Fall Out Boy and Green Day as planned, you can experience their whole new record “OK Human” online plus some classics.

The stream starts backstage, before you see the organ player. For this performance, not only the four-piece itself but the LA Philharmonics and YOLA support the sound. The Walt Disney Hall at the Downtown LA does the rest.  An impressive venue, immense musicians and the album, those are the basic points.

On the huge stage, the light helps the perspective, while the band and the orchestra perform the songs from the album reminding of the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond and Ryder The Eagle. With a lot of piano and the other instruments, sometimes it nearly gets cheesy. But just nearly, as the new songs manage to stay honest and valid.

In the encore block, “Say It Ain’t So” is one tune, that really should be there, this time solo acoustic, followed by maybe the most famous “Island In The Sun”. A Toto-cover rounds up this part, before “Buddy Holly” already marks the finish.

For some, the band Weezer might be mostly known from “American Pie”, but getting more into them, you can exactly feel as happy with the new pensive album like back about fifteen years listening to their music on holidays. When Alternative was heavy and sweetness was just part of it, trying to be cool but being way beyond.