Black Heart Warming Catharsis

Roadburn Redux

Live Stream Festival, 013 Poppodium Tilburg, Netherlands 20210415-18

The hard and heavy music world has several online festivals now. Metal4Africa is the best example, and others are World Of Metal and Slay At Home. And for this one in the middle of April, a plan like at a normal festival is necessary.

Already the year before, the Roadburn went online with acts like The Devil’s Trade, Conny Ochs and Dr. Space, who all are present this time again. But the Redux edition expanded, and so it lasts for four days full of live streams, exclusive sets and sessions presented by Svart and Pelagic Records, Audio and Video premieres, talks, documentaries and more. Even the fanzine “Weirdo Canyon Dispatch” is available everyday including interviews with the artists.


In a Welcome-Video on Thursday, everything is quickly explained as TV channel with a range from Black Metal to Singer-Songwriter, riffing along and cosmic explorers. Highlight on this first warm-up day is the Finnish formation Kairon;IRSE who perform “Polysomn”. On the stage they have plants and the light is dynamic to Psychedelic. Their clear but rough sound reminds of Bob Tilton and at some point of Pink Floyd as well.

The Devil’s Trade

On Friday, we see Dr. Space again, this time together with Dr. Martin Weaver of Wicked Lady and Dark as Doctors of Space. Noticeable are the double neck guitar, the huge sound and the Electric Moon sticker on the rack with the patchbay, who will have their appearance on Sunday. SOM contribute a powerful set as well, before Dávid Makó alias The Devil’s Trade performs “The Call Of The Iron Peak” in its entire. The black is pure, and at the end, two guys appear to play the floor toms.

In articles named “Deep Dives”, Roadburn presents parts from their archives like from Neurosis, Eyehategod and Earthless. The Ocean are familiar from the SBOA. They perform “Phanerozoic II” with dual guitars and voices, beautifully placed lights, many shots and great editing. In the chat, the burners rave about Gold and TDC INC, talk about dälek and look forward to Knoll, Spill Gold and Body Void.

Solar Temple

 As start on Saturday, the documentary “We Are The New Chimeras” premieres. It talks about Les Feux de Beltane and how Black Metal can be constructive in the end and be a catharsis in this world of consumption and violence. The people “don’t change the world, but change lives” at this ritual and don’t leave any cigarette butt but help bands which touch one’s heart.

Suitable to the atmosphere, Trialogos featuring Conny Ochs follow with “Stroh zu Gold” and the “egyptified KITT”. The band plays with found instruments in an appealing black and white set with lights on the floor. The track premiere of “Cage Intimacy” earns comments like “haha, dead by blastbeat” and “I think Primitive Man is so heavy it should be illegal”.

Solar Temple follow live from the 013 performing “The Great Star Above Provides”. Again the light is great and the dollyshots as well. Meanwhile a talk with Svart Records (also e.g. Mantar) starts, and in the chat a discourse about the term “Post” brings up suggestions like “Pre-Metal” and “Proto-Metal”. The final live action this night comes from Neptunian Maximalism performing “Set Chaos To The Heart Of The Moon” with two drummers.


The final Sunday holds the premiere of Talea Jacta and Electric Moon for lunch. Exclusive sets come from Sâver, Crown and Death Bells. Obsidian Kingdom celebrate the live clip premiere of “Womb Of Wire”. With Hexvessel performing “Dawnbearer” comes another authentic group from Finnland and Wolvennest plays “Temple” live and gets compared to The Nest the day before.

After Aaron Turner, DeWolff are up on stage as very last live act and end a completely wonderful Roadburn Redux 2021. And as the organizers explained in the beginning, it might be possible to watch every single contribution, or you find your own way through the timetable.