Progression of Place and Tones

Wheel, Van Holzen

UK & Europe Tour presented by Barracuda Music and Buback Tonträger und Konzert, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20200220

This Thursday marks a hard decision for the willing live metal enthusiast. “The Bay strikes back“-Tour stops at the sold out Arena, featuring the marvellous Death Angel, Exodus and Testament. But the small and intimate shows got their advantages like at the Chelsea, where two special acts are responsible for a wonderful concert evening.

Just one problem that many shows no matter the size got in common is the loudness level. But of course a band like Van Holzen has to be loud. This young band is full of energy. The worn looking guitar is heavily distorted, the bassist’s head is flying and the snare feelingly echoes through the whole tunnel of the subway. Highlights are the title track of their latest record “Regen”, “Honig” and “Leichenschmaus”. That they barely have any space on stage they take with humor, as it would only be a problem if singer Florian had “45 as size of shoes”. They appear to be the legit successors of Tocotronic, Kettcar and Madsen.

They have been touring with Wheel now for some time as they tell. Wheel have played for example at the Summer Breeze, of which one visitor wears a hoodie, and support e.g. CoB and Swallow The Sun. For the show, the band brought their own light, which the technician with Irdorath pullover places carefully in front of the amps. On one the face of the Fresh Prince is smiling. It is the first headliner tour for Wheel and their second time in Austria. Their massive sound consists of a drum that more or less plays one long solo. The bass is moved to the front especially at the end of “Tyrant”, and the guitar got its own beautiful solo moment as well. “Vultures”, “Pyre”, “Where The Pieces Lie” and “Wheel” deliver more outstanding moments. Apparently singer James did good about moving to Finland and forming this band, and at the end, he tells that they will be coming back. The next show in Austria will be with Apocalytica and Epica.