You don’t wanna argue

Liam Gallagher, Twisted Wheel

Why me? Why not. Tour presented by fm4 Indiekiste, Planet TT Bank Austria Halle Gasometer Wien, Austria 20200218


Once there were two brothers. They founded a band and affected a whole genre. They were rivals with Blur like The Beatles and the Stones. They were Rock’n’Roll all over including fights and scandals. And the main voice of the two now visited the Gasometer.

From the ceiling you can see the ad for Urlaubsguru amongst others. At exactly eight o’clock, the support band Twisted Wheel enters the stage. They go in every direction of the Indie Rock genre. Especially the double feature “Black and Blue” followed by the more quiet and Lynyrd SkynyrdeskeDNA” helps to finally get into a trance-like feeling in the sound.

To bypass the break, songs like “Jailbreak” and “Cum On Feel The Noize” keep the good vibrations. Then Britpop pioneer Liam Gallagher appears with a group of nine musicians after an action-loaded intro video. Since he played with his brother in Oasis at for example the Frequency and hits like “D’you know what I mean” some years have passed. Noel Gallagher went on with his High Flying Birds. And Liam wasn’t idle either. But after the first chords he already warns the audience, to not throw the “piss on the white coat” like it happened at The D. And of course this is not his last announcement. He opens with “Rock’n’Roll Star”, followed with a block of newer songs like “Wall Of Glass”. “Stand By Me” marks another Oasis classic, and “Once” another solo highlight. That he passes on the essential “Wonderwall” doesn’t seem to bother, as everyone heard, played (more on how to on Beginner Guitar HQ) and sang it a thousand times, and the best version was a karaoke one at the Café Carina last year. The very diverse audience celebrates the other hits like “Live Forever”, “Roll With It”, “Supersonic”, “Champagne Supernova” and the final “Cigarettes & Alcohol” and enjoys them at good sound quality, with video wall and suitable light.