The Dark The Hard and The Deep

Yunger, Notebooks, The Boy I Used To Be

Album Release Show presented by Apathy! Promotions, Kramladen Wien, Austria 20190504


“It’s just those rainy days, spend a lifetime trying to wash away”, Mary J. Blige sang around the turn of the millennium. Now this rainy day could have led e.g. to the Bricks in Salzburg for Colour Line or to the Café Carina for Iron Snag Joe and the Schwoazogler amongst others. Instead the invitation brought us a few meters further away to the Kramladen.

The Boy I Used To Be has been touring with another Singer-Songwriter through Germany and Czech Republik for ten days. Now Vienna is their final destination. The boy began this year with recording a new EP. His set he starts with “Serenade”, followed by a selection of both releases including “Wake Up Call”, “Drunk” and the encore “On The Run”. His accented and sensitive singing and playing both are special and charismatic.

Intermediate he tells stories from the tour like joking that “tourdaddy” Berni (Apathy! Promotions, High 5ive) organized the “greatest nightliner around – a Polo”. But before his tour partner comes on stage, the band Notebooks contest their first gig ever. The band around All Faces Down guitarist Alvin plays straight solid Pop Rock FFO Fall Out Boy or similar. Their set includes e.g. a Lewis Capaldi cover, while the sold out Kramladen doesn’t fit into the concert room anymore.

After this short Rock excursion, Yunger gets on stage to present his Folk record “Of Journeys and other Longings” making think of Prinz Grizzley. Most of his songs are about travelling and he already did realize that (“Yet Another Travel Song”). But his thoughts revolve around other things too like he doesn’t care “if I’m gonna die alone, as long as I can say I fucking tried it all”. On stage he gets supported by his bandmembers of Stellaccord Stella singing with him and Michi playing the trumpet in beautiful harmony. In between a lot of happiness and finger picking finesse he even finds time for a song against the system and motivates the audience to vote. A musical journey through landscapes and emotions.