Swinging Speed in Good Company

The Devil & The Almighty Blues, The Great Machine

Presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space and Sound of Liberation, Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20190508


Sometimes one could think Vienna could replace Chicago as the Windy City. This evening it is quite pleasant, and it is possible to enjoy a drink before the concert in the twilight in front of the Arena.

While several posters announce Punk concerts at e.g. the Pankahyttn or Franz Fuexe the day after at Chelsea, this show is under the sign of Roadtrip To Outta Space. About a year after their last visit, this band from Norway finds its way back. Their tour features Stoned Jesus, Earthless and Colour Haze, but for this gig, the amazing support comes from Israel that puts forth bands like Betzefer or Orphaned Land.

The Great Machine cast a spell over their audience from the first note. Their pressuring sound and powerful performance let the time fly by. It could be called almighty. Their outfits are unique, making them look a bit like the reincarnations of Brant Bjork, Zack de la Rocha and Nick Oliveri. They even play a similar music, mixing Motörhead speed with sweet and heavy Stoner Riffs, giving reference to Kyuss. Plus they joke about “there are three things in life: god, mother and Schnitzel. And they go together.” In the end it doesn’t surprise that their vinyl are sold out. They perfectly know to arrange their three instruments and they simply belong on the stage.

After a very short break, The Devil & The Almighty Blues begin their set directly with the iconic riff of the opener of their latest album “Tre”: “Salt the Earth”. Those riffs keep the heads going, and the blues keeps swinging. Additionally to the incomprehensible huge sound (that luckily is not mixed too loud) they paste sweet little breaks. Especially one solo of guitarist Petter Svee is too good to be true, getting close to the the big names like Pink Floyd or Dire Straits. At Sound of Liberation they are in good company with Truckfighters, Ufomammut and more, and compatriots like Kvelertak have been or will be at the very same spot soon like Motorpsycho with Cadû. Plus the wonderful tour poster was brought to you by Subterranean Prints (for 15 euro).