Dark Tones but Party from the Depths of the Basement


14 Jahre Viper Room, Vienna, Austria 20210508

After the Karg stream unfortunately had to be cancelled this week, as the concerts of Harakiri for the sky and Far From Autumn, the Viper Room don’t let themselves be hold from celebrating their 14th anniversary, while it’s the 20th of the album “Break The Cycle” as well.

For this occasion, two DJs and the band Lowbau are set to perform in the basement. Seeing the first pictures of the stage, the desire to be there is huge. But for this night it’s sweet enough to see DJ Eraserhead warming up with tunes of QOTSA and Social Distortion.

Then it takes Niitro from Ewig Frost (who just released his new record) only one song to get the sound right for the internet. The grooving Metal stands in the tradition of NOLA Sludge like Crowbar, with whom Lowbau shared the stage already, as well as with Eyehategod and Grand Magus.

They obviously show their love for Pantera and Corrosion of Conformity too. The midtempo stomping tracks let the head bang just like the dashing ones. The sound sometimes gets gloomy too like in “Lion”, bringing up P.O.D. and more King 810, and in other ones Black Stone Cherry and Betzefer. To hear the applaud of the fistful workers in the back makes the whole thing even more familiar.

The band rocks the stage a little over one hour, ending their set with “The Story of Mammoth and Dozer” from their first release “The EP”. A show that makes understandable why other bands like Out Of Nothing recommend Lowbau, who sound-wisely are in good company with Mosfet and Proll Guns.

Continuing the party, DJ Iguana delivers licks from White Zombie and Scars On Broadway, while Kaileena and Fernando Dupree from the U4 and Addicted to Rock like DJ Fly and Djane Pierre Ciseaux are online as well, having delicacies like We Butter The Bread With Butter with them.