Purple Soul (Single 2021)

Almost Famous

Neosoul, Rap, Hip-Hop

When true artists and professionals gather and bundle their forces, don’t hold themselves back and follow the “university of learning by doing”, they proof that if you “just do it, get to it and the rest will follow”.

The talk is about the very first single “Purple Soul” of a very new formation named Almost Famous. On the microphone, we have Wemimo, who presents paintings on @coloursofafrica_mm as well and appeared live with RadioJam, Afro Roots, Anthony Locks and Maryjane’s Soundgarden.

The four strings are played by Stephan Paulitsch (MARTA, Shaun Berkovits), the six ones by Mike Seidl (Those Goddamn Hippies, The Reef Fromation, Ankathie Koi). Member number four is Michael Schatzmann, known from Yakata, Philiam Shakesbeat, Robb and Kendler and working with e.g. Onk Lou, Carlos and Average.

As if not enough, on trumpet we hear Alexander Kranabetter (Fainschmitz, upcoming solo experimental album “Textures”) and Wolfgang Stieger did the final mix and mastering of this greatly arranged song. Quick first associations are Pale Male, Spitting Ibex, Guru and GAS. Looking closer, the beginning sounds like from Relit, before Wemimo starts her story in narrative style like in early Rap.

A pop from the percussion side, and the nodding lick starts. The words “unconditional love” bring up the song by 2Pac. Small details and effects in production decently fit into the arrangement to be discovered listening carefully. Getting closer to the end the classic R&B feels to be more and more coming through like City High, Ashanti and especially Alicia Keys.

The strong voice of Wemimo that is soft yet firmly, the tight instruments and the world class production have the potential of an upcoming musical icon that is just evolving. And they don’t leave any scepticism about the principle to believe in themselves and in what they do.