Heroic Days of Punk ‘n’ Roll

Pirates Days 2021 – Announcement

((szene)) Wien, Austria 20210611-12

Vienna is a place of music and always will be. Festivals hold are the Donauinselfest, Rock In Vienna, Jolly Roger, Metal Meeting and Reign Of Darkness. And now, NoBack Booking presents a new one for the Punk community at the ((szene)).

For the event under the banner Pirates Days, support comes from Stark!StromTough MagazineRoo Bar, RattlesnakeHearing The Voice, Vinyl-Keks.euPirates Web & Art, Yellow Shelf Music, SBÄM, Punk Verein Austria and the bands. Already beforehand, the organizers announce to donate part of their earnings to “Asyl in Not”.

The line-up of the first edition holds top-class acts, many of them from the familiar label SBÄM. Headliners of the two days celebration are Fat Chester and Heathcliff. The following names are presentable as well. Here For A Reason played before Crazy Town in their early days. Glue Crew arose from Two On Glue, are featured on this year’s Xtra Ordinary Rockhouse sampler and have a brand new album out.

Continuing the list you find acts from all states from Austria: Deadends (Styria) who played with Red Car Burns, A Guy Named Lou (Carinthia) and So Much More (Mexico and everywhere). Coming to The Rumperts, this formation even did the warm-up for the UK Subs. More feel-good vibes come from Mudfight with their most recent EP “Safe Zone”. Captain of the fest Christoph of Pirates Web & Art recruited Alfie to help, who will appear with his band Far From Autumn that constantly is playing on the stages in the capital.

Another part of the team of organizers comes from the band Discorrected, who have put out their first recordings on tape, just the way it used to be. As final name, Rebell Bagatell are up to present songs from their debut, that finally saw the light of day at the beginning of the year.

Two days and six bands per night, this is the new Punk Rock Festival of Vienna. Not only enthusiasts of Rum, swords and skulls will enjoy the Pirates Days, but it will be joyful parties for everyone digging the sound of Punk Rock.