Doom Sessions Vol.2 (Split EP 2020)

1782 / Acid Mammoth

Doom Metal


Split releases have a long tradition and still are quite popular at least in some genres. The “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” was a special one and the “Tribute to Black Emperors” a legendary bootleg, while especially in Punk there are a lot of recent examples.

Now Purple Sage PR, who promoted Wino’sForever Gone” (out via Ripple Music) and Planet Zeus as well as Duel, solicit another outstanding fresh piece of music: 1782, which were set to play at the Hugo Pansen and emerged from Sardinia teamed up with Acid Mammoth from Athens. It is the second part of the HPS series “Doom Sessions”.

The Label features heavy weights like Nightstalker, Ryte, Mondo Generator and former Little Villains. Therefore part one already included Conan and Deadsmoke. For the new one, Marco Nieddu, fronter of 1782 created the artwork, telling that it is best to listen to this “with lit candles”, and “Don’t be afraid if you see strange things, it’s part of the game!”

Keeping that in mind, the six songs can unfold the full thrill and ecstasy. It is the very first riff, that won’t let go. Classically beautiful, with a richness of tone and warmer than the chord progression itself, that could be part of Slayer and Iron Maiden too. The singing is softly mixed in, melting with the pure strong earthy instrumental ground.

The slowness keeps your consciousness in aberration and even though Doom not necessarily has to be occult, it does not harm either. Coming to the three songs of Acid Mammoth, we leave the more minimalistic approach of 1782. Another guitar, church bells and even some double bass effectuate a little bit faster and grooving style.

But no worries, it simply feels like the logical progression in a superb trip in unknown spheres, yet giving peace to restless ghosts like in “Verónica” or “We Are Still Here”. A split EP that unites, what obviously was made to mutually recharge.