The Second Try Works, And That’s A Vow


Arena Beisl Open Air, Arena Wien, Austria 20200915

In marketing you have the 4 Ps. In Austrian heavy rock music, you have them as well: Psycho Toaster, Parasol Caravan (who will perform soon as well), Phobos and another band, which needed two attempts to be able to play their Arena Beisl Open Air.

The first try unfortunately became a victim of the weather conditions and the organizers had to cancel it at short notice. But luckily they found another date, and so this Tuesday night, Prototyper perform a great set of Alternative Noise Rock between the almighty Helmet, Seether and Rob Zombie.

It is the groove, the riffs and the melodies that make the music outstanding of Prototyper outstanding. After one single, the band released three records already, including the latest “Generations”. The cover shows the upper half of a baby’s and the lower half of an elder head. The set includes highlights of all the works, like the amazing “We are falling”, “The Word Is Out” and “Let Me Sleep”, “Impetus” and “Dog Days” from “Wounds” and from “Cities” the great “Justice And Wrath”.

A little gimmick is the snippet of “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by Iggy Pop and The Stooges. At great late summer temperatures, the small audience is able to enjoy the show and move as there is enough space for everyone. And the band itself doesn’t hold long speeches but delivers a very powerful and enthusiastic performance that easily can convince new listeners.

And for those the band offers a vinyl bundle of two LPs and stickers for free. The fulfilling concert, combined with the atmosphere at the Arena, which is like another world in a bigger city, is perhaps one of the best kinds of event you can join those days.