Great Concept for Future Live Moments

Counter The Eulogy, Far From Autumn, Steve Nipples & The Crew

Presented by NoBack Booking at Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20201001

The Viper Room in Vienna reacted to the current situation with the great idea of “Lounge Concerts”. Where usually the pit swings you against the wall, they positioned a couch, beer benches and bar tables. In this wonderfully comfortable setting, NoBack Booking presents three local bands.

As accommodation, the sounds of Black Sabbath and Body Count come from the speakers, before Steve Nipples & The Crew from St. Pölten get “Back On The Stage Again”. They hold up the classic Rock’n’Roll style with songs like “Bring Rock Back To Life”, a ballad about “adult things from the back”, “Get The Fuck Out”, which they perform with a drilling machine and a vibrator in Anvil manner, and a surfer song like from Pulp Fiction or “Drive By Shooting”.

As second act, Far From Autumn present their new line-up. Original drummer Marius returned as replacement for Alex, and Manuel from Empty Wallet & The Dead Wallstreeters (who wears a Johnny & The Rotten shirt) picked up the bass. Like this, the sound expanded compared to the straight and reduced version before. “Tomorrow”, “Until” and “Ignore Me” that Ansi dedicates to her partner in absence come more pressuring as well as their hit “Bed Of Green” and a new song they introduce to the audience at the end.

Headliner of the night is Counter The Eulogy. They have performed with likes of Vintage Paradise and are working on their upcoming EP “With Eyes Wide Open” that can be bought as special offer with their debut album. It will feature their latest single “Running Away” as well as “Mindcuffed Monkeys” and “Borders”, which the play in the extended version. From “Transitions” they also play “Midnight Ghost”, “Child Of War” and “Nothing To Say”, that was already written around 2004. The whole proceedings are accompanied by PH Photography and Photo-Art by A.M. After being fully convinced by the “Lounge Concerts” concept, the sounds of Cavalera Conspiracy convoy the guests to the door.