Just another classic Monday

Abbath, Toxic Holocaust, Hellripper

Dread Reaver Europe 2024 Tour presented by Mind Over Matter Music, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20240205

It is ‚another classic Monday‘, as a visitor says: Mind Over Matter invites to ((szene)) for a bunch of big names in Metal. So while Kerry King presents his first single featuring Mark Osegueda of Death Angel, the Austrian Metal family gathers at the sold out hall in Simmering. 

Many are here for the primal act from Scotland: Speed Metallists Hellripper (Peaceville Records) smash the place and start the pit immediately. All songs are simply on point like „Hell’s Rock ’n’ Roll“, „Nekroslut“, the opener of the latest album „Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags“ entitled „The Nuckelavee“ or „From Hell“. 

Plus the announcements are sophisticated and fun like when they ask the audience to ‚answer in the voice of King Diamond‘ or that there are twenty seconds left to mosh. ‚This is so intense, it shouldn’t last longer than an hour‘ another guest asserts. But soon it continues with Toxic Holocaust from Oregon. 

They appeared e.g. at SBOA alongside Kataklysm and others. With songs like „I Am Disease“, „War Is Hell“ or „Wild Dogs“, they nail their set. „Reaper’s Grave“ they dedicate to all Metalpunks. And after anther short break, the Black Metal headliner from Norway is awaiting for his disciples.

As part of Bömbers and former Immortal, Abbath serves several classics of the last one. But new ones like „Acid Haze“ from „Dread Reaver“ or „Ashes of the Damned“ work very good as well. For those who want to recapitulate this perfectly fine evening, the pictures by Sebastian Juhn can be found on Volume.at.

On the calendar of MOM many other highlights can be found like Judas Priest, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Left To Die, Visions Of Atlantis, Boysetsfire or H-Blockx. And at ((szene)), the Punkrock Escalation, Tuxedoo, Enslaved, The Fall, Spite, Tito & Tarantula or The Doors Experience are up next. Meanwhile, Suffocation is in town the day right after..