Annual Class Reunion

Die Botschatn, Conny Kubinger

Café Carina Wien, Austria 20240208

We live in a political world. And unfortunately the Venster99 has to announce, that they have to cancel all events due to problems with the municipal authorities. Meanwhile other venues at the Gürtel can continue like Kramladen with a double concert, Loop with a Gewürztraminer session after some Punk with La Gouche, VLUN and Bipolar Penguins the day before, and we head to the ‚base‘ of Musicjunky Bookings, Café Carina

After likes of Wir & Jetzt or John Klirr, Conny Kubinger sits down to perform several songs as support tonight. She likes to explain where the inspiration for her songs come from. For example „Ich mach mein Ding“ she wrote after seeing a documentary about Udo Lindenberg. Also she sings about breaking up, motivating her ten-year-old self and being easy. „Netflix & Chill“ was even played in the radio as she remembers, and during her last track, she adds a little Fugees fill-in.

Unfortunately, the noise level of the people talking during her set is high. This changes with Die Botschatn. „Alle meine Freunde san beim Opernball, nur die Wiener, die san im Carina“, they start. After older („Watschnkind“) and newer tunes („Ibiza“), they welcome their guests with a warning, as some lyrics were written twenty years ago and might not be appropriate anymore. In a short funny speech, singer Patrik Retter tells that they as band together moved (to Lower Austria) several times, had two kids, divorces and everything. 

Another song is about Amsterdam, when „Schleckeria“ came out were better times with less femicides and the „Urinator“ is still laughable. During another new one, they play an Udo Jürgens fill-in and at the end, they point out, that they want to play during opera ball again next time. And at Café Carina, the scedule continues with Dusk, Küenring and Gates Of Sleep as well as The Great Escape and Churchpenny Allstars.