Creepy Glam Beautiful

Alice Cooper, Europe

Spend The Night With Alice Cooper Tour 2017 presented by Barracuda Music, Wiener Stadthalle D, Austria 20171127


When spending time with music as often as possible, at some point unfortunately you have to make a cut. You have to say no to a band shirt, a vinyl has to wait until you maybe find it second hand cheaper. Or you have to see if you can spend a night at the concert of two legends.

That is why it is a pity that all is about the money, because the big concerts at the Stadthalle are expensive, as is the beer. And still it got no screens, even though DasBACH, the Chelsea or the ((szene)) have some… But well after a lot of thinking you go to the place spontaneously and get a last standing ticket via Facebook there.

As soon as you enter it is clear it was worth it: Europe might not have that many hymns as for example their brothers in the spirit Aerosmith, but take only “Rock The Night”. A song can not be bigger so it fills every Glam-Rock-Heart. Of course the other tracks from “The Final Countdown”, “Cherokee” and the title-giving super-hit get the crowd going, but also “Superstitious” or the first-time played live “GTO” from the latest “Walk The Earth” get the people motivated.

But that is not all for the package this night, because Shock-Rock Superstar Alice Cooper brings his nightmare to every place he goes. And it is amazing as always. One could miss the gravestones from the “Raise The Dead”-Tour, but you got the drawable doll, Zombie-Alice and the necessary decapitation, what else would you need. Ah, of course the great music, just one song from the great new record “Paranormal”, but another creepy-beautiful solo by Nita Strauss, “Poison”, “I’m Eighteen”, as a fan it is a celebration anyway every single time again. God bless Super Duper Alice Cooper, the friendly smart man and the stage monster!