A Piece as above

Conny Ochs

Already Fall? Tour 2017, Café Voodoo Wien, Austria 20171125


Everyone who knows the Café Voodoo is aware of the fact, that it is this wonderful kind of bar that can make you feel like home instantly. With special memorabilia, good drinks and great music, it celebrates its 30th birthday now. And is host of one wonderful artist.

Because if you know it you are also aware of the size, you could even get into panic, that you won’t see this man called Conny Ochs, because it might be too crowded. But everything goes well, and about twenty stunned music lovers listen to his guitar and voice. Born in Halle, Germany and living in Bologna, Italy, he made his Already Fall? Tour to France and Switzerland and finally to Austria. That it can be hard especially on tour to “Wake Up” is one story he tells, a “Piece Of Heaven” is something to desire and he is shocked that people don’t know the name Lee Hazelwood except of bar owner Alex.

Anyway he dedicates one song to the country legend, as well as one AC/DC tune to Malcolm Young. One more cover he plays from Mariah McKee, because he thinks the song belongs to every bar. His intense playing and singing often does not even need the microphone. Just for some songs he uses a small bass drum, and for one, he asks the audience to flip with it. And they do, while the rest of the time they listen closely and stay calm to not miss or destroy a tone.

Of course at some point, Conny says he does not want to finish without playing something he wrote together with Wino (Saint Vitus, The Obsessed). He pleads that just because of stupid drug politics it is not possible to tour together and nails it with “Dust”, and after three encores unplugged on the table, the wonderful show is over.