Five Decades No Mercy For Everyone

Nazareth, Razzmattazz

Restless Europe Tour 2017, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20171129


It is another week of classic rock bands hunting each other. After Alice Cooper and Europe on Monday, it is time for another legend. Actually the first one, we thankfully had the great pleasure to have interviews with. And now, after they had to cancel one year before, they finally are back.

As support they bring Razzmattazz from southern Germany with them. The friendly group plays a branchless Rock’n’Roll between the pioneers like Status Quo and the younger generation like Danko Jones. With songs like “Bad Girls Good Loving”, “Fuck You” and “Son Of A Gun” they don’t only convince the audience, but also won the Rock- und PopPreis Germany three times already. One sad thing singer Tom Schaupp tells is that it needs Likes on Facebook to get on tour like this. But they made it, and after a cool show with a lot of classic moves, they leave the stage to the sound of Martin Böttcher’s Winnetou-Soundtrack.

Then the phenomenal Nazareth get on stage, and man, this is still a thing to see them. Even though the last one left from the original line-up is bassist Pete Agnew, it is fascinating that they keep doing their thing since almost 50 years now. Furthermore he is the coolest guy ever, smiling all the time. His son Lee on drums is sovereign, adding blast beats here and there. Jimmy Murrisons (g) playing gets to a peak in the wonderful “Morning Dew”. And singer Carl Sentance might not be Dan McCafferty and also doesn’t have the Scottish accent, but brings power to the awesome songs, especially my favourites “Beggar’s Day” and “Expect No Mercy”.

Of course the audience is in love with their huge ballads “Dream On”, “Sunshine” and “Love Hurts”, which the play all and maybe the most celebrated tune is “This Flight Tonight”, so there is something for everyone.