Coffee In The Cup, Soul In The Heart

Andy T.J. Steiner

LoR. Together At Home presented by Don Quichotte KulturZentrum and Kultur Quarantäne, Austria 20200327


This Friday not only SBÄM put together the SBAMotine with Sam Chalcraft and Glue Crew amongst others, also LoR – Legends Of Rock presents another artist as the Sideman Show before.

Kakkmaddafakka and Kadavar are well known bands to find streams, but for lovers of good relaxing guitar music, the concert of Andy T.J. Steiner is just perfect. The mayor of Ried is very active in other projects like Hello Sally, 2seedsleft, the Andy Steiner Trio, keeplove and his collaboration with Aron Matthews. Today, he presents his own songs.

It starts with some fingerpicking style intro and “Last Time”, while Hello Sally comments “Hey, we should collaborate, wanna start a band?” After “Lily”, a wonderful calm tune with flipping part making think of Norah Jones, Andy tells the story about his cup, that his father thinks is ugly. “Time” is one remarkable track, ending with Andy swinging his guitar again. He likes to play songs of his own if they let him, he mentions.

About “Dave” he only played ones before at the Altes Kino Landeck with Jakob Köhle (also Saltbrennt) and Anna Reisigl, he tells that it is named after his optician, who did a “cool job”. “I Wonder” is a completely new song, before he comes to “Where Do We Go From Here” featuring very smooth guitar and singing. He then realizes that he should be at the birthday party of Anna’s mother and wishes her a happy birthday, while Jakob writes he heard some text problems, that Andy “rescued well”.

Two more songs follow, giving this nice blend between popular music like Coldplay and Soul style. Andy thanks the organizers and especially LoR for doing concerts that are not mainstream. For staying healthy he advices mandarins, oranges, ginger tee, curcuma, water and sunlight and at the end sends a kiss out to all his viewers.