End Of Afternoon, Beginning Of Evening


Homestage Festival, Austria 20200328

It’s late Saturday afternoon or early evening, as the Homestage Festival gets going again. After the successful start on Friday with James Choice and Yunger amongst others and likes of Christoh of Gospel Dating Service on Sunday, the second they starts off with some acoustic Hip Hop.

Kerosin95 might be familiar because of their gigs or song with Philiam Shakesbeat. They also collaborated with acts like Mickey and Paul Plut and played and FM4 Stay At Home Session with their band My Ugly Clementine, which links them to Leyya and 5K HD. For this occasion, they perform solo with their guitar.

They start the stream with a smile on their face, telling about the circumstances, that everything is 20 seconds delayed and they will perform six songs. Also they got themself some applaud from YouTube, to get some feedback, what is great fun as it will show. So they play for all the people in their “living rooms, bedrooms, toilettes and corridors.”

The first song is “Außen Hart Innen Flauschig”. Instantly it’s impressive how they master the melody and the capability to rap at the same time. The lyrics come up with images like “white socks in black flip flops” and the track even gets a little bit of a soul touch. As second item on the agenda, “Hass” has a tremendous speed. “Das Leben ist schön” spreads freestyle charme with a “trumpet” solo and a laid back flair of e.g. “My Block”. Good mood but still critical too.

The number of viewers keeps going up as they come to a poetry part. “1,65” they dedicate to people who have to struggle with strange reactions only because they are holding hands for example. That they have a black out for the second verse doesn’t matter, as especially without the music it is very effective. “Status Quo” goes out to the German Gangster Rappers, and in the final “Nie wieder Gastro” they tell about bad stories and how they were told to smile more often.