Gather Your Friends To Riot In Peace

EsraP & Gasmac Gilmore

Quarantäneshow presented by FM4 Stay At Home Session, Austria 20200326


Time goes by and the longing for live concerts and festivals keeps growing. Old recordings of e.g. the Monsters Of Rock or Dynamo Open Air help. And online sessions, as they are all over the place those days, that some even are getting annoyed.

But who can say anything against the show by EsraP & Gasmac Gilmore. They have prepared some songs to perform via YouTube. The siblings are in their kitchen and Max, Elias and Victor in their spots, as Esra introduces them right in the beginning. Their sound and words are motivating: “We will make this through!”

The lyrics are coming fast, like Busta Rhymes, Twista or Samy Deluxe. Unfortunately a little bit too quiet compared to the instrumental part, but apart from that the sound is great and impressive, how well it works. And not only for the viewer the fun level is high, also the band seems to enjoy it a lot. That bassist Victor is sitting there in his shorts is one visual pleasure.

The heart is opening up, as this gig is about to dance. After “Da Boss”, “Tschuschenparty” follows: “I’m on the way while everyone sleeps.” The melodie comes from guitarist Elias enlightened by a soft box. As “Cek Cek” starts, all the heads are moving already, due to the rousing rhythm. After, Enes presents a sign telling “Can someone be bad who is serving Cay?”

As final they serve their famous “Freunde Dabei”, that gets especially intense at the hook bridge where you can even headbang. At the end they applaud for the band and also for everyone working out there. For sure they will riot again when it is possible like at the Chelsea or hosting the Gürtel Squad together with Kid Pex and featuring e.g. the Broke MCs.