Yet another Gürtel concert

Arnold Burk, K.I.L.L. The Band

Release Konzert: Elf Stücke mit Text at rhiz Wien, Austria 20240607

This first Friday of June comes with many options. 50 Years of Hip Hop presents Masta Ace, Metalnight Outbreak Out Of Nothing and Count Catfish the day after amongst others, Cari Cari play at MQ or Manic Youth at Kramladen. It also comes with a lot of new music. Eels publish „Time“, Ivery & TELLLDusty Eyes“, LighttsOver My Skin“ and Stella for StrangersEon“. And at rhiz is yet another release concert of „Elf Stücke mit Text“. 

As support, K.I.L.L. The Band enter the stage first. Their outfits are from kollektiv ruhm und reichtum, including the masks, they change during the set. Also they hand out single-use cameras to capture the evening. Their songs talk about „Klagenfurt“, „Feelings“ or to „Fade Out“ and remind of Cousines Like Shit. They inform, that they are working on their debut with the working title „K.I.L.L. The Album“ and have merchandise with them. 

In a 70s cover, they want to see the patriarchy in shambles, and as final, they perform a slightly modified version of Eric ClaptonsWonderful Tonight“. Great Easy-Listening-Ambient-Punk, followed by Krautpop by Arnold Burk. With his drummer Michael Schatzmann, he played already as Kendler. On keys is Anna Hlavka and Fabian Pollack on guitar completes the quartet. 

He is a „Kind meiner Eltern“ and includes two songs from his other project Fainschmitz with „Leinen“ and „Erinner“. Three songs he published with video before like „Parkhausdeck“, while for example „Minus und Minus“ is unreleased. The very first „Unten“ is live a highlight too, like „Laptop“, which he repeats as encore. 

Occasionally, the monkey from the video joins on stage. After the show, the humorous yet serious lyrics packed in moving songs like K.I.L.L. The Band or Rosi Spezial are topic outside. And at rhiz, likes of Finster, Violent Magic Orchestra, Locke and Chants de Rats are up next. 

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