Interspecies Communication

Art Garfunkel

In Close-Up presented by Barracuda Music, Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria 20170718


Try to imagine the most beautiful melodies, sung by the most beautiful voice in the most beautiful place. Then what you got is Art Garfunkel playing at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

The wonderful ceiling, the lights and the columns in the classic location create an atmosphere other places cannot make up with. Because of that reason, the ticket prices are not quite cheap, and also it is not allowed to take any drinks in there.

But the music that gets served especially on this evening is totally worth everything. Art Garfunkel, mostly known because of his incredible work with Paul Simon as Simon and Garfunkel, without any question is a living legend. Playing his music since over fifty years, he has a lot of wonderful pieces to present and also a lot of nice and entertaining stories to tell.

With two lads accompanying him on stage on piano and guitar, he takes a seat on his chair and lets his soft voice speak. With this very minimalist set-up, the three of them create a huge dynamic. Between the songs, the lovely man tells stories like when he was young, singing this melody, that he performs and suddenly stops with the words “and so on”, to make the people laugh. Or when he was eye to eye with a cow, and he sang, and it was interspecies communication. Or sitting in the Hyde Park before a gig at the Royal Albert Hall, writing down the words “tomorrow it’s gone, tonight it’s all.”

You can read all of this in his new book he says and laughs. Within all the big melodies, probably everyone finds his own favourite. For one it is “Kathy’s Song” and for the other it is “Bridge Over Troubled Water” that fills the eyes with tears. For sure this voice no one lets cold.