How it must have been like

Brian Wilson featuring Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin

Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary World Tour 2017, Wiener Stadthalle – Hall F, Vienna, Austria 20170720


There come times, when one big event hunts the other, and times, when you think, this is exactly how it must have been like, even though you were not there. July 2017 after Canned Heat and Art Garfunkel, Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys is another legend who shows how music was done back fifty years ago.

To especially present the influential record “Pet Sounds” in the best way possible, the founding member gathered together eleven companions. Voted as the second best record of all time by the Rolling Stone magazine, this piece of music from 1966 smoothed the way for other big releases of for example the Beatles.

And the Halle F of the Wiener Stadthalle has just the best acoustic for this remarkable sound. First, a classic best of set makes it hard for the audience to keep seated. Songs like “Get Around” and “Surfer Girl” are amazing to experience live. As well as the album “Pet Sounds”, that sounds incredible because of the great performance of the guys. Brian himself does not always sing, but when he does, it is huge. Plus he gets help by his buddy Al Jardine and his son Matt as well as former Rolling Stones member Blondie Chaplin and more.

Basically all of the twelve got something to sing, sometimes change instruments, and all in all this lively show has an awesome effect. Being flashed especially by the psychedelic parts of “Pet Sounds”, the encore hits with “Good Vibrations”, and suddenly all of the fans since centuries jump from their seats and run right in front of the stage to be close to their idols and dance frenetically.

Maybe this is exactly how it looked like back when this music was founded: The audience sat on chairs until they could not hold it anymore and had to jump up and dance.