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Warbringer – Vanquishing Europe Summer 2017 Tour

Turn sad to cool or Bury the world under endless shellfire


Vanquishing Europe Summer 2017 Tour, DasBACH, Vienna, Austria 20170712


It is one of those evenings, which start a bit sad, but then turn to one of the coolest. The band responsible is Warbringer. Finest Thrash Metal from the birth state of the genre California.

The sad thing is that it was supposed to be a double headliner show with Suicidal Angels. Unfortunately the band from Greece could not make it. With big sorrow, the hosts from DasBACH announced the cancelation. But. There is still Warbringer coming and playing, and so a lot of the people come to the place anyway, to experience an awesome Metal concert.

And the people are on fire this night. To get the crowd that motivated, of course it takes an amazing group on stage. And the guys from Ventura are just perfect for that. Because of the circumstances, they play the whole new record “Woe To The Vanquished” released through Napalm Records, plus another set with classics. And it becomes clear, that this latest record is a great piece to play live. Right from the beginning, the whole ground floor in front of the stage is for pogo. They fall on the stage, also the mobile of a father, who attends the show with his young son, falls to the ground and bursts. Minutes later, one comes up with the battery pack, just the way it should be.

Technical problems get bridged with “Warbringer”-screams. As one says “Fucking technicians”, singer John Kevill replies, that it is not the technician’s fault but of the guys falling one the speaker, but that it is all right. Also he states that screaming “Slayer” is the invitation for bands to play harder, but doesn’t make sense, when the band’s harder anyway. And funny thing, holding the microphone to the beer can when opening it for the sound. To sum it up: Thank you Warbringer for this wonderful evening.