Illiberal Holiday (Album 2023)


Melodic Punkrock

It’s how you land‘ is one punchline of the album „Illiberal Holiday“. After „Trolls In Suits“, it is released in both, English and Hungarian again, so listeners can understand the ‚criticism of Hungary’s illiberal regime‘. 

On the cover, Bankrupt show known subjects of municipal industries like on „Rocket To Riot City“ or „Razor Wires And Neon Lights“. A woman is having a drink on Robert the tire with a gas mask on like on „Outsiders“. Meanwhile a zombie bulldozes the rest that’s left of nature. 

Watching all the videos made for the album tracks, the band is not only teaching the political condition but also film history. It starts with „Idiot Tax“, containing a lovely part to shake hips like „Nightbreed“ and a typical catchy refrain like Offspring or Lagwagon. Movies edited into the video are „Home Alone“, „Shining“, „No Country For Old Men“ and „Leon“ amongst many others. A special focus is on the selection of middle fingers. 

Suitable to the lyrics, the outstanding „Hungarian Satan“ starts with Norman Bates from „Psycho“, showing other villains like Hannibal, the Joker or Mr. Blonde plus Mr. Bean. The falling people in „Viktorland“ are taken from „Die Hard“ or „Men In Black“, and after the already mentioned punchline, a remarkable guitar line follows. 

For the title track, Bankrupt shot a perfomance-part assembled with film cutouts. Again the chorus is a highlight and the solo with the riff reminding of Weezer, Pennywise or Sum 41. The movies include „Falling Down“, „Face Off“ and „Scarface“, what brings us to the new version of „Tony Montana“. 

In „Tropical Breakdown“, scenes like from „Twelve Monkeys“ or „Planet of the Apes“ and animals composited to Budapest and Sziget dominate, and with „Astrolena“, Bankrupt fancy with Electronic Punk like Noise Flow or Fleks with melodies from Glue Crew. The final Reggae vibes from „The Plane to Toronto“ helped to free Michael Kovrig and sound like The Interrupters, who the band list themselves with Rat Boy, FIDLAR, White Reaper and Teenage Bottlerocket as related.