Inherited (Album 2023)


Psychedelic Stoner/Doom Rock

Traditions like musical education every country has learned throughout the centuries. Those harmonies often spread a certain fascination. So today, bands like to bethink this ancient folk songs like The Hu, Ritual Day, Árstíðir or The Devil’s Trade. Heritage Harmony Records (run by James Sweetlove of Cave Dweller Productions) presents an album incorporating Bulgarian ones. 

Oddplay just open their next chapter after „Bluff“ and „Heritage“ with „Inherited“. For this new part in band’s history, they work with vocals for the first time. Frontman and guitarist Alexander Enev as well as Jasmina Dimitrova can be heard on the microphone, taking the mystic appeal on a new level. Nine songs crafted at CredoSound Studio, that seek ‚to explore the innermost workings of the mind‘, living in the past and starring into the future with the eyes wide open. 

Muted in the beginning, the Metal-like sounding guitar brings up the Folk melodies quickly reminiscent of Cadû. Groovy drums and riff then introduce the „Sleepwalker“, with whispering voice like Chaos Over Cosmos, in combination driving Crossover like Primus or Faith No More. A sweet melody then turns into a manic fast riff burning red like Red Sun Atacama or Great Red Silence

A central image of the album is the cure of the „Forest“: Noises of wind in space and bells remind of Wardruna, as the Monster Magnet acoustic guitar begins to play. For this compostion going deep, Oddplay released a video displaying drone shots of nature, mountains and lakes. It also includes buildings like the Ovech Fortress with the Bulgarian flag, while the figure from the album artwork fades away in the distance. 

With the new ideas, Oddplay don’t leave out their original qualities and serve great instrumental Rock in „Mindsight“ for example. With pinches of QOTSA, Emerson, Lake & Palmer or Evil Drop, they continue their way, preserving culture and passing it on to future generations.