Reward of hard work

Barb Wire Dolls, The Röad Crew

Weberknecht, Vienna, Austria 2017-06-08


It must have been a delightful day, when Mister Lemmy Kilmister, rock legend from Motörhead, walked up to this band and signed them to his own label Motörhead Music, rewarding their work and sound. For that reason, the Weberknecht faces a flood of Hard Rock fans of all ages this evening.

Most of them even wear a shirt with the warpig on it in some way. Obviously it makes sense, that local Motörhead tribute band The Röad Crew opens the evening. The group that has completely conspired to their British idol, delivers a set with a lot of classics as well as some delicacies. “The Killers” for sure is one of them, as well as the track “No Voices In The Sky”. Always really close to the original, the band still adds some own details, like Tony Sailor playing doublebass drums on “Bomber”. Especially songs like “Until The End”, “Killed by Death” and “Ace Of Spades” can bring a tear to a hardcore fan of Lem.

That he was standing behind the Barb Wire Dolls clearly has a reason. As a lover of Rock’n’Roll and a man who always sympathized with Punk, the group from Greece can win one’s heart right away. From the head to the toe, the fiver is authentic. The heat in the Weberknecht goes up to the side point immediately. Unfortunately one girl even collapses, but Isis Queen reacts right away to help her out. After this incident, they dedicate the song “Surreal” to the girl. The rest of the audience celebrates the band with headbanging and dancing and for “Revolution” there is finally also some pogo going on.

Another highlight for sure is the single “Back in the USSA”, talking about what’s wrong in politics and the title inspired by the Beatles. After all, this band earns every respect for their irrefutable way and music.