Happy Times

Elis Noa

5 Millionen Pesos, Radiokultur Café, Vienna, Austria 2017-06-09


Modern jazz, electronic soul. Good and treasured ancient ingredients and the renewed musical technologies of bass sax, synthesizers and drums. Those mixed together to catchy and touching songs, you may get a very basic idea of Elis Noa.

The inducement is 5 million pesos. That was the amount of money, Argentina spent Austria after World War I. For that reason, the street where the Radiokultur Café is situated, got the name Argentinierstraße. And now, 5 million pesos is the name of a new concert series, taking place every Friday, bringing young bands on stage and streaming them online.

Elis Noa now took the opportunity to present their recently released debut EP “High” to a wider audience. The five song strong CD defines what is the mood of this groups sound: a light-footed, smooth, bright and happy feeling. And within the hour, they have to play the Café, the band presents those five songs plus some more and also this feeling.

The warm, welcoming sound gets underlined by the delightful faces of the musicians playing. Also the people in the Café mostly look interested and satisfied, whipping on beat. Especially the smile of singer Elisa Godino is heart-warming, while she delivers an awesome performance. Aaron Hader on saxophone and bass and Michael Schatzmann on drums (both from Kendler and The Reef Formation) are in this very good mood too, and Angel Vassilev, playing his wall of three pianos, foils the rhythm section with nice sound floors and fill-ins or better he switches with Aaron.

A very special version of “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child mixed with another unfortunately unrecognized song is one highlight, also the affecting “Young”, that Elisa dedicates to her mother. Filled with the good and positive vibes, after the short hour is over, everyone leaves with a happy face too.