Russian ‘n’ Love ‘n’ Funk ‘n’ Roll

Russkaja, Ski-Schuh Tennis Orchestra, Os & The Sexual Chocolates, Roadwork

Bunt im Waldfest Göfis by SC Göfis, Goefis, Austria 2017-06-03


The Waldfest in the wonderful village called Göfis has been there for forty years. Out of that reason, the organizers of the SC Göfis decided to let their partners of the Bunt plan one evening, and like that, Russkaja became the headliners of the Saturday evening.

But before them, three more bands played the big tent next to the sports ground. For the early beginning, the audience gets Funk’n’Roll by the local matadors Roadwork on their ears. It is the main direction for the evening, that they already cement with their music. Os & the Sexual Chocolates just keep the funk and the groove going. Known for their fun an sudorific performances, they keep the people swinging to the rhythms.

The Ski-Schuh-Tennis Orchestra are the next ones to perform. According to their website, the band was founded in honor of a man, who liked to give until he was broke himself. Their music is a bit more reggae, bringing a good mood but with critical lyrics like in the “Schmetterlingslied” or “Ode an die Subkultur”. Anyway the feet are now surely warmed up for the headliner.

Russkaja is the band, which has been around since 2005, and with a repertoire of songs, that fans always will be missing something. Their message of “Peace, Love & Russian Roll” fills the tent with joy. Even though many are more the tent fest visitors and not headbangers , the circle pit during “Psycho Traktor” works perfectly. Of course, because the lover of Deicide and early Sepultura Georgij Alexandrowitsch Makazaria heats on the people, and the friendly appearance of the band can’t let anyone cold.

The Russian lessons also are a lot of fun as well as for example the Avicii cover “Wake me up”, and so the two-third filled tent celebrates together a great Bunt im Waldfest Göfis.