Commotions (Album 2020)

Baron Crâne

Progressive Psychedelic Noise Jazz Rock

There’s a land we know under the name France, but it also seems to be the land of experimental Prog Rock. Bands like Praÿ, Lumberjack Feedback, Witchfinder, SLIFT and more explore all corners of possible sounds, and Mrs Red Sound and Shake Promotion made contact with a Paris luminary.

For Baron Crâne, “Commotions” is the third release already after the self-titled debut and “Electric Shades”. Basically the album has been out since a year, but to celebrate the connection with the label, the digital release is now. The wonderful cover by Florine Samson alone would be already a reason to grab a vinyl, as it is appealing gloomy.

Five songs the album contains, starting with “Firmin” for which Samir Benchikh (“Rasta“) crafted a trippy music video with vintage stock footage and performance images. Baron Crâne constantly switch from high speed to quiet parts from the beginning on. The bass is very present and sounds superb. The images range from factory shots to eating to riots to pictures reminding of “A Clockwork Orange”, animals and children, giving a disturbing sight on mankind.

In “Acid Rains”, the band features singer Arthur Brossard of Dentelles Nerveuses, and a comparison to Them Crooked Vultures here seems completely appropriate. “Come on you fools” invites to the wild trip in a wonderful horrific blend. Without recognizing we happen to be at the “Closing Door”, the cymbals, bass and solo guitar get down, blowing up to get your head banging.

With “On Rase Les Murs” Baron Crâne feature I.N.CH., demonstrating how great the French language sounds in Rap like MC Solaar and Iron Sy, similar to Pale Male with Jahson The Scientist. From hard Rock and loud Hip Hop we come to the last highlight “Fifth Stone”.

Opening like a vampire movie, it is built from groove that makes one wish to see this live, keeping the impression to get comfortably lost in this mixture of unknown.