Be My Redeemer (Album 2021)

Philipp Spiegl


How long can you postpone a release without bursting with excitement? Already in October 2019, this record had its first promo concert at the Tunnel. The release show was set for April 2020 at the B72. Finally, almost one year later, it can’t be held back. “Be My Redeemer” is out via Feber Wolle Records.

Before and between, Philipp Spiegl always has been busy. Some time ago he played with Montague. Then he went on stage with Philipp Spiegl & The Mucky Fingers. In 2018, the “Philipp Schmiegl” EP was released, “Breaking Down” and “I Miss You” 2019 and just recently, he participated on Sarma Records’Sampler In-A-Day” with “Medio Toro” and published the “Soap Opera” EP.

The songs of his full-length are from a refreshing lightness, even though the lyrics talk of burdens, but not without being hopeful and having the courage to grow beyond. The idols, Philipp pays tribute to are The Strokes, The Kooks, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, and there are a lot of locals in the music like Diver, The Boys You Know and The Vintage Cinema Club.

It is his voice that has a very own tone color and the usage of reverb and rhythms, supported by e.g. a tambourine, that build the Philipp Spiegl signature sound. Two songs do have music videos, “Friends, Lovers or Nothing” performed with The Nightingales by Yuki Gaderer and “Vienna”. Many other songs talk about the city like the one of Gazal and the clip was done by production studio Enter The Stage.

Philipp reveals his own view, including sleeping problems one can have if not used to the city and walks at night like e.g. at the Gürtel. One personal highlight is “Crows”. The title brings up pictures and movies like “The Birds” and “The Crow” and The Devil’s Trade. The tune is danceable like The Black Keys for example.

“My Mum raised me right, but I was born the wrong way”, this line sticks out from “Villages”. More associations coming up in the more quiet second part of the album are The Get Up Kids, U2, Coldplay and Kings Of Leon. Highlight of this half is the beautiful “Who Gets The Cat”.