Shaking Fun in Summer Sun


Presented by fm4 Indiekiste, Arena Wien Open Air, Austria 20220621

Some people are there to change the evolution, the course of music. Robert Palmer or Donald Fagen of Steely Dan might be two of them. And after quite a waiting time, fm4 Indiekiste presents another man, who without respecting any genre boarders impressed the Alternative style like no other (.. maybe Eels).

Many guests arrive early this evening already and could eventually spot U-Bahn-Star Salina on the way. Basically, Jawny should have played as support, but unfortunately was cancelled. What is a pity, as just a few days before, he released his feature with tonight’s headlining act Beck. Instead, a DJ plays a lot of Hip Hop and danceable tunes like Hocus Pocus with Alice Russell’sBeautiful Losers“.

In this relaxed mood, Beck starts with a fistful of acoustic tracks, including „True Love Will Find You In The End“ and talking about his favorite song during the pandemic. The mouth harp is there already, but he does no many more instruments. So after this ‚slow start‘, the full band hits the stage.

To get through the incredible amount of 38 songs, Beck often plays only a part and continues without many breaks. His band mostly is behind the thick fog, but their sound spreads through the borough of Landstraße. So the audience shakes to the live debut of „Hyperspace“ and hits like „Devils Haircut“ from „Odelay“, „Colors“ or „Girl“ from „Guero“. 

Of course, „Loser“ is part of the set, and „E-Pro“ and „Where It’s At“ follow during the encore. „Sexx Laws“ might have been on the wish list, but apart from that, Beck basically leaves nothing to be desired. Like his audience, he turns out as dancing queen too.

Beck has made his impact on a genre, mixing sounds of samples and turntables, Rock and Hip Hop all together. And he has left his mark on local musicians like Ruhmer definitely as well. So this Arena Open Air is another great opportunity to dance in this wonderful environment.