Kill My Soul (Single 2022)

Vintage Paradise

Progressive Metal Hard Rock

As the clouds often are hanging low between the Untersberg and Gaisberg above the city of Salzburg, it somehow seems logical, that darker and heavier sounds have a certain attraction. Whether if it is more Punk or more Metal, the atmosphere and sound can create some beauty together.

The Prog and Heavy Metal formation Vintage Paradise is related to Alternative Rockers Blood and Champagne, practices at JUZ Iglu and shared the stage for example with the cities very own Core-heroes Devotion Of Mine. After „Different Direction“, „Cut the Chain“ and the gloomy „Acid Rain“, for which they created a music video at the oppressive neighborhood of Eisenerz, „Kill My Soul“ is their next message to the fandom.

Like a wake up call, the start reminds of the mighty Iron Maiden immediately. As the cowbell then takes ahead, another member of the NWOBHM sends its regards with Nazareth. The guitar work meanwhile is close to the reborn Metallica from „Death Magnetic“. With the energetic melodies and general arrangement, Goth stars Evanescence and Gate Of Infinity could be grandparents. 

All those references to the big names combined give a special mood of the song, so the band made a little lyric video for it as well. Because as they revealed on social media, there was this particular room in the seemingly abandoned building back in Eisenerz, where the scenes with singer Alex were shot.

Now the image of this very room, they reused as background for the lyrics, displayed in a handtype font. The vault, the single window at the back and the lonely chair again transport the feeling of wonderful darkness, that can be found especially at places like this. 

Photo artist capturing this moment was Andrea Koch, and the recordings were taped at the Soundtempel Studio. And as if this all around fine tuned VP single would even need more comparisons, YouTube suggests King 810 next..