Mobile Lights Goodbye

Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer

Hella Mega Tour presented by Mind Over Matter and Barracuda Music, Ernst-Happel-Stadion Wien, Austria 20220619

It is a regular Sunday, as more and more people pilgrimage to the Ernst-Happel-Stadion. At the football venue of Austria’s national team, acts like Bon Jovi played and soon The Rolling Stones will do. But first, an incredible package comes in under the banner of the Hella Mega Tour.

As support for the three main acts, Amyl and The Sniffers start at half past five already. The feeling when stepping through the gateway, seeing the grandstands and big stage is always exhilarating. And then, everything goes very quickly, as Weezer start several minutes earlier than on the schedule.

In the pure heat of the burning sun, they play a sweet set of sixteen songs, beginning with „Hash Pipe“ and „Beverly Hills“. „All My Favorite Songs“ from the outstanding „OK Human“ comes bit heavier, fitting for the Metallica fans, who cover „Enter Sandman“. „Feels Like Summer“ builds the bridge to the live debut of „Records“ from „SZNZ: Summer“. Of course, „Island in the Sun“ must not be missing, just like the classics „Say It Ain’t So“ and „Buddy Holly“. Plus as another sing-a-long between, the band delivers their „Africa“-cover from the „Teal Album“.

With announcements in German, they have the audience on their side, just like the following Fall Out Boy. As finally some more shadow arrives to the ground, they can work more with visuals and some fire already as well. Their music brings up names like Thirty Seconds To Mars and My Chemical Romance as well, and songs like „This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race“ make the crowd run in circles.

The headliner of the Hella Mega Tour finally is Green Day. Their devotion and attitude convinces on the big stadium stage like at the Nova Rock. After tunes from Queen and Ramones as intro, they enter with „American Idiot“ and „Holiday“. With „Boulevard of Broken Dreams“ it gets a little bit romantic, as the 45.000 people like to hold up their mobile lights. This wonderful atmosphere stays for the twenty-one songs including a Kiss cover and „When I Come Around“, „21 Guns“, „Basket Case“ and as goodbye „Good Riddance“.