Son Of A Gun (EP 2022)

Ben Blutzukker

Brick Metal

The era of the Wild West always had a special fascination and therefore found it’s way to pop culture. Comics like Blueberry, The Bluecoats or Donald Duck use the setting as well as countless movies that don’t necessarily come from the US but from Europe as well.

Now Ben Blutzukker, inventor of the Brick Metal genre, took on a hat and two revolvers and put out an EP with ‚five bullets‘. Since „Metalhead“, he released several more singles like „Ohne Dich“ and „James Brown Is Dead“ in 2021, to return in 2022 with this concept record.

As very cool opener, he decided to place a cover of „Apache“, to which Will and Carlton danced in „The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air“ in the Sugarhill Gang-version. The melody and beat fetches the listener immediately in the Metal costume. On the second spot, the title track comes in a relatively heavy, nearly bit gloomy mid-tempo manner.

For this one, Ben Blutzukker created another fabulous stop motion video, picking up many famous scenes form western movies, starting with the barrow at the back of the horse. As the hero reaches the town, the camera goes up like in „Once Upon A Time In The West“. 

In the saloon, a fight emerges: ‚Be quick or dead!‘ With dynamite, the escape from prison succeeds, but outside, another enemy on stilts awaits. Bullets fly, and three rivals fall from their horses and at the end, we even meet Lucky Luke and the Daltons

The pace increases in „Dead Or Alive“ written from the perspective of the hunter. Song number 4 takes us to another legendary location: „Tombstone Alley“ comes with wild drums and quotes Western titles like „The Good, The Bad and The Ugly“, „Blaze Of Glory“ and „High Noon“. 

They Call Me Trinity“ by Franco Micalizzi from the movie of the same name builds the conclusion of this big fun EP. Again, the guitar greatly picks up the (whistled) melody and the drums drive the carriage out of town.