Elegance is an attitude… to shit on. (Album 2022)


Noise-Rock, Sludge, Hardcore, Crust & Death Metal

It’s been kind of cold, when a band supported Dim Prospects at Venster99. Meanwhile they were on a Roadtrip To Outta Space with Suma, and since their last EP release show they played at Arena, this winter, they chose a different location. On the poster, they claim to ‚ask a punk‘, and actually they celebrate at EKH with Kalmar and Phobos and at Willy-Fred in Linz.

The reason is the album „Elegance is an attitude… to shit on“ of Bloodshed666 (Cyruss, Phal:Angst) / Santa Diabla artist desolat. On the cover, we see an add with Simon Baker (The Mentalist, The Lodger, LA Confidential) for a Longines watch, and the slogan is adapted. The billboard is in an urban environment, with a skull and band typography on top. 

For the title track, they released a video on YouTube, that actually ‚blew up‘ the label account. So they uploaded it on Vimeo, while musically the angry, raw and powerful temper is there from the first second. The vocals have a Death Metal color, making think of likes of Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death, Napalm Death or In Twilight’s Embrace

Sometimes faster parts alternate with the slower heavy Doom neckbreaker rhythms and Black Metal harmonies. „Hate-Filled Short-Arsed Wee Wanker“ includes a speech and has an end time character. „Rollercoaster“ with its drumrolls reminds of „Black Ark“ and later of „Liar“ and even „New Noise“ somehow. Getting to side B, desolat show that they don’t even need many chords, to build thrilling three minutes in „Deaf, Dumb, Blind & Grumpy“.

Getting closer to the end, the pace picks up again to kind of mid-tempo Thrash or similar to Havária or I.O.N.U. In the final track they unfold a big melodic Stoner Doom riff like Sleep, Kyuss or Black Sabbath, driving to a barnstorming finish. „Elegance…“ is a dark chapter, a lesson in brutality, a heavy album as it can only be.