Seabed (Single 2020)

The Boy I Used To Be

Expressive Melancholic Music


It feels like yesterday, that the lastest singleBern” got to see the light of day. But during his online live stream concert, The Boy I Used To Be already announced the next song to be published and now here it is: “Seabed”.

Right after the “emotive” concert, The Boy did an interview with Ellie from Freilich Open Arts. During this, he also announced the video, an animatic by Anna D., that is leaned on his T-shirt-, bag- and sticker-design. The recording he did with his iPhone. That this procedure will bring out such a good quality might be surprising to many people. But apart from few “s” and “t” sounding too sharp, you are not missing any expensive equipment or ProTools.

The guitar riff has got something ultimate in it and let one get into a dream as well. The refrain is strong and catchy with haunting lyrics: “Sun means nothing in a darkened room”. As he told in the interview, The Boy started to learn the drums with 14. Now he brought in his skills with a snare coming in at the second verse, accompanied by a second guitar and a bass setting accents.

Having all these parts, the mixing gets more important the more you have. Luckily, there is nothing to complain about in this case, as The Boy managed to make every element audible and sounding good. That he also proofs in the instrumental part, before the voice comes back in and prepares for the final chorus. A slightly adapted basis riff leads to the final chord.

If a song could work when recorded only with an iPhone, it is understandable to be not sure about. But The Boy I Used To Be proofed with this six minutes, that it actually is possible. And the next one is already in the making…