There To Make You Happy

The Boy I Used To Be

Live at Home, Austria 20200328


It’s a classic concert Tuesday. Classic? Well not completely as it is again time for a couch concert. And like on the poster for the last gig at the Unders of this fabulous artist, right before the snow is falling down.

The Boy I Used To Be unfortunately just had to cancel his tour with Yunger, who helped him set this up, and also one show at the Pantry No9. Instead, he sits down in front of his laptop to send his music out to the world wide web and make people smile. The comments on Facebook come in immediately, from Switzerland, the Musik K in Oberpfalz to South Tyrol, the viewers are international.

That his regular job is camera operator makes it bit funny as the image cuts off his guitar neck and there’s a lot of space to the left. But his first online performance The Boy masters brilliantly, more open, natural and sovereign than others and with very good sound quality. And it also has benefits, as one is able to sing with the lyrics without disturbing other listeners.

He tells that he was spending applaud for Yunger at the Homestage Festival stream, so he thinks it’s ok to say thank you to his audience as well. And even though first he was against the idea of an online show, now he is smiling and makes the time fly by. He even takes time to react to some comments, like what colour his socks are, “Philieb” and tells that more people are watching now than on four normal gigs in total. Except at the Unders.

His set of eight songs and about an hour features some very special highlights, like the latest singleBern”. Also he plays the new one coming out on April 11th “Seabed”, “just a little bit minimalized, like everything”. And surprisingly he even brings in “Emma”, a song from the first EP, which he rarely to never plays live, just to make another fanboy happy.