Happy Easter Afternoon Stream

gab of gab&gal

YouTube LiveStream Konzert, Austria 20200411


The streaming season goes on. Royal Republic, Bart Budwig, Kvelertak, Sunnata, Sam Chalcraft, Acoustic Project, Forever Twenty Something on FS1 and also Addicted To Rock and the Viper Room are online those days. And in western Austria, another formation got big plans.

With several cameras gab&gal wanted to send a concert of gab, gal and Felix to the world. But as e.g. Necrophobic, the technic won’t work, and so it gets a solo gig with laptop and USB microphone. But this turns to be a wonderful easter Saturday afternoon. After a short jam, gab starts the session in a room with his brother, Zelda on Nintendo 64 and a Spielboden poster.

From an amazing back catalogue, he picks twelve songs for his audience beginning with “Alone In This”. He states he feels like a YouTube influencer: “It’s me again. Today I show you how to play ‘It Keeps Me Down’.” He imitates gal’s cajon with singing and spreads summer vibes in his shorts and colourful shirt. For “Hidden Place” he (knowingly) gets his audience to sing the chorus with him.

At “Glass Of Wine” that was requested several times he shouts out “Mats Solo!” and the backing vocals come from his brother, commented as “hard-chor” by Mats. gab also recommends cooking videos and for “15 Years” plays the rhythm on his flank, commented by Junipa Gold as “good flank”.

With “Picture Me” and “June” he raises the anticipation for the upcoming new record. Sponsor of this concert is the Schlosserei Kalb as he tells after standing up and posing in the room. He also includes two covers by The Kooks and the Gorillaz and tells the secret, that “See You Everywhere” is the first single of the album.

Like this, the beautiful afternoon just flies by and as it’s over, the sweet performance leaves the wish to hopefully have this live experience soon again for real.