’89 Extreme Metal Drug Lords Supergroup

Brujeria, Lowlife, Bäd Hammer

Matando Güeros 30th Anniversary Tour presented by TON Music Productions at Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20230724

After the glorious and true 80s, the 90s are considered a bad decade for Metal. But not only did Josef Hader and Alfred Dorfer celebrate their first movie „Indien“. Several iconic bands put out their debut records, and one of them visits the Viper Room again presented by TON Music Productions this Sunday while Paul Plut appears at the Kultursommer

Before, two local supports do the honor. Bäd Hammer who shared the stage with Obituary, Insanity Alert or Mortal Strike for example carry the actual two-meter-hammer through the audience to the stage. With Rene on second guitar, they are now four of them for the first time. And they have a lot of new Thrashed Metal material with them, finishing with their „Rebel Yell“-cover from „Bäd Hombres“. Then Lowlife follows, who just put out a video for „Leader Of A New Generation“ of the upcoming album of the same name. They also like to travel back in time to the first song they wrote ten years ago and include a Spidercrew cover in their Vienna Style Hardcore show. 

Following Deathgrind heroes Brujeria been at Viper Room before and visited Soulfly and smashed the Escape in 2016. For the 30th anniversary of „Matando Güeros“, they are on extended tour hitting e.g. Plan B, On the Rocks, Dürer Kert and SKCNS Fabrika as well. Related and sometimes including members of Napalm Death, Fear Factory and Carcass amongst others, the crowd especially celebrates Pinche Peach, who holds up the Coco Loco while the others are wielding the machetes. Their set of course features the debut and more songs like „La ley de plomo“, „Brujerizmo“ and the final „Marijuana“. 

On the way out, they offer attractive shirts like the legendary „Viva Presidente Trump!“ one. And soon they will bless their fans with a new album following „Pocho Aztlan“ entitled „Esto Es Brujeria“.