A summer evening show at the park 

XAM, Locke, DuoLia., Aenny

Wienxtra Soundbase Allstars Vol. 1 at Kultursommer Wien – Reithofferpark, Austria 20230727

While at the Karlsplatz the Popfest starts and at ((szene)) the Pirates Days celebrate their summerfest, the Kultursommer Wien brings culture to ten stages throughout the city. On the posters, Yunger is shown and likes of Cadû or Spitting Ibex played before. This Thursday, the Wienxtra Soundbase presents four acts at the Reithofferpark

Unfortunately the way from work takes too long for the first one Aenny. But punctually when the anchorwoman announces Indie Folk group DuoLia., we reach the stage at the corner to Märzstraße. They recently supported Avec at Conrad Sohm and start with the beautiful and great „Sailing“. Also they include their latest single „Hold Me One Last Time“, while the tram thunders down the street in the background. 

The musical direction then switches to Hip Hop with Locke. On instagram, the gig can be followed live. The self-produced beats are modern, and for the new single „Siehst du mich?“, Locke even takes out the acoustic guitar. „Pretty Flacko Shawty“ is sovereign and track and rapping style remind of likes of Shawnna and Disturbing Tha Peace

After this strong solo performance, XAM gets on stage together with DJ King (Deine Mutter Studio, Penetrante Sorte). His fans gather right in front of the stage, as all deck chairs were taken before. „Wien glitzert“, he constitutes and sings that he’s „Reif für die Insel“, but not any island, he is „Reif für die Donauinsel“. 

For him it is the biggest and longest show so far as he told on social media. So he obviously enjoys the evening together with his audience talking about a „Katertag“, not ‚Vaterag‘. And until the end of (Kultur-)sommer, there are still many concerts like with Soia, Elis Noa, W1ze, Alpine Dweller or Stiller, taking events to places in the city with less offer, as team members tell in a survey.