Plata O Plomo – Crossing Borders of Metal to Groove

Soulfly, Epsilon

Presented by Mind Over Matter, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20180710


After Crazy Town, Body Count and Limp Bizkit, the year of Nu Metal pioneers continues. Even though this headliner went back to the roots in music of its frontman and therefore mix genres like Machine Head or Korn, you can count them to this out-of-favour subgenre.

Epsilon, who open the evening at the ((szene)) are more bound to the earlier kinds of Metal, especially Thrash and Death. A year ago they played the lovely Jolly Roger Festival with Amon Amarth. This time they arrive with a new singer who perfectly knows how to growl and shout the Death Metal way. After few fast shots in the beginning, the offbeat Reggae-like riff and a heavy slow tune are the most outstanding moments, before they get off the stage with two more great Death-rollers.

The pioneer we talked about in the beginning then comes up next: Soulfly is bound to the name Max Cavalera. The earlier Sepultura-fronter, who’s son Richie is in Incite, also founded Cavalera Conspiracy together with his brother Igor and Soulfly-guitarist Marc Rizzo, who was in Ill Niño too. The stage reminds a bit of Marduk playing the very place with the military stuff. Max wears a Venom shirt and so they present their classics like “Prophecy”, “Back to the Primitive” or “Jumpdafuckup”, but also a new one from their record coming in October and a huge guitar solo featuring Slayer-parts amongst others. The percussion part with all members hitting drums is mandatory, the soccer singing in times of the FIFA World Cup for a non-football fan not necessarily but ok. “Plata O Plomo” then also reminds of a Brujeria interview, who actually played at the Viper Room the day before and are attending the show as guests and meeting them in this occasion – just another awesome moment because of music and an amazing concert anyway!