Blank Out, Enjoy, Return or Square Dance


Kultursommer Wien, Kaiserwiese beim Riesenrad, Austria 20200820

Those days, you might be lucky to experience singer-songwriters like Yunger, Tyrolean funky tones like Balconystories, soulful voices like Claudia Popa at Times Pub or Andreas Tichy at the Streiterhof. And the city of Vienna invites to its own series of events: Wien dreht auf.

At the Kultursommer, acts like Snessia and Misses U with DJ King or Ankathie Koi have played. And this very evening, the wonderful energetic Rock formation Cadû plays right next to the town’s landmark the Riesenrad, while Shalling and irgendwien take over the ((szene)). Good-humoured securities take care of the entry where you leave your contact information and then get your own marked box.

After a short moderation, the band starts with the title track of their debut. The new song “DNA” takes a hold of you like the older tunes with concisely beats and catchy riffs. After this, singer Scharmien Zandi jokes that every one can think about a name for the assigned box like it was the “own country”. The joyful and powerful show even makes the numerous onlookers cheer.

The set continues with “Mirror”, “Amazigh”, “Metro” and “Create The Haze”. All of them underline the great skills of the musicians, and even more which awesome live act they are. With “Hyenas”, Cadû comes to the end of maybe one of their most wonderful gigs so far. That might be because of the nice location, but probably more because of the show, that gives you goose bumps and lets you blank out what else might be going on.

This feeling disappears after the concert is over and you turn your back to the place. Still, standing in your own square, enjoying this touching sound, proofs that concerts can work with keeping distance, even though it might be also important to stand and be able to move.