Rain Gods dancing in the Clouds

Oehl, Yakata

poolbar Festival, Altes Hallenbad, Feldkirch, Austria 20200828

Summer is slowly coming to an end and the weather announces the autumn. Due to the rain, the Arena Beisl Open Air with Prototyper had to be cancelled. The poolbar Festival so far was very lucky, but for this Friday, the Rain Gods give everything they have.

But that doesn’t hold two acts from Vienna to travel the whole country. Meanwhile Chilli Shot and Memory Of Tomorrow presented by NoBack Booking play at the Café Carina, Yakata open the evening at the wet lands. The band supported likes of LILI (now Good Wilson) and The Fictionplay. Just recently, they released their debut “A Boy’s Latin” via Assim Records and a live session of the great “Gin Chronic” together with Michael Schatzmann on drums (also Ankathie Koi amongst others). The high quality of their songs and performance is revealed as more and more people gather in the heavy rain to dance to the music.

The main act of the night Oehl earned a lot of attention because of touring with Herbert Grönemeyer. Their soulful tracks and lyrics not only work in the stadiums they have seen then, but also at the watery ground of the poolbar Festival. Looking at the umbrellas, singer Ari jokes if he had knew that, he would have asked the people to have special colors so it would be organized patterns. In the early part of the set, they play “Wolken”, “Instrument” and “Neue Wildnis”. As first encore, they sing “The Book Of Love” in various languages. The song was featured on Scrubs in the version by Peter Gabriel, and brings a lot of warmth to the lawn.

Like Yakata, Oehl brought a prominent drummer with them: David Ruhmer (ex-Gospel Dating Service, RUHMER). The awesome performances of both bands make the evening a wonderful experience despite the weather.