TripHop, ProgRock


A thunder rolling, something’s breathing. Radio sounds merge to an Industrial Intro. “Cities inhabitable!” What will we find here? Uncertainty but also excitement rises. Welcome to Steelstreet.

The first song of Cadû’s debut record “Metro” already demonstrates the complexness and thoughtful deepness that will span throughout the whole album: From straight Rock to Grunge to Punk, Gothic and to even a kind of Nu Metal feeling, this Psychedelic journey got everything to offer. Even though there is no lyrical concept according to the band, you can find some links like the title of the second track already.

Creature” scores with the didge and a beautiful acoustic guitar, that reminds of the mighty Opeth. The same applies to “Mirror”, splittet in two parts with similar riffs, moods from jazz to screams and complete hypnosis. The band doesn’t shy away from experimental parts like adding incomprehensible voices to the beautiful idyll of “Pegel”. The huge title track comes in with a rolling bass and another great riff, “seeking relief for their tormented minds (…) do you wanna play again?”

The following “Amazigh” could have Emerson, Lake and Palmer as godfathers. It merges into the magical intro of “Create A Haze”, that leads to ecstasy. As already before, it is impressive because of the voices and especially the one of Scharmien Zandi piercing marrow and bone like e.g. the one of Patrícia Andrabe (Sinistro). Then a surprising kind of reading with musical background follows, a seemingly honest critic ending in the sound of the apocalypse. Finally the “Hyeans” are running through the savannah and make think of up and coming The Hu.

Cadû deliver a bombastic debut, that was forged in Timișoara, recorded by Mihai Toma (The:Egocentrics, Triptonus) and guitarist Clem, mastered by Krystian König (Sativa Root, Scheibsta, Gospel Dating Service) and released via Planet 9. The “vague and misty road leading into a familiar yet more and more surreal landscape” as Clem describes it and Irrwisch (AnomalieDool, Sólstafir) visualized on the cover, is an outstanding musical trip from pulsating highs, thrilling deeps and wonderful paradises.