Forward Legends And Two Who Can Take It  With Them

Dead Kennedys, Haggard Cat

European Summer Tour 2019 presented by Arcadia Live, WUK Wien, Austria 20190618


Arcadia Live already brought us Clueso, The Wombats, Paenda and many more and will be responsible for the Greta Van Fleet Open Air, DevilDriver and Fettes Brot. This warm June evening, they present a Punk legend of similar level or even higher than The Exploited and the UK Subs.

But first, the two youngsters of Haggard Cat deliver an incredibly powerful show. Their energy they produce can be compared to the like of The Picturebooks who played in town recently or Blood Red Shoes. Their style is hard to classify, as it got a lot of thrilling changes, rhythms and harmonies. This they also manifested in their latest record “Challenger” with songs like “Bad News (Travels Fast)”. Grunge, Folk, Blues, Stoner, Garage, after all it is a lot of Rock, made to lose ones head.

The formerly mentioned legend is none other than the Dead Kennedys. Coming from the also legendary Bay Area, they released their debut “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables” in 1980. Their founding singer Jello Biafra parted ways long time ago and went on with projects like Lard featuring Al Jourgensen of Ministry. But luckily the band is touring again and despite their not that juvenile age, they get a lot of fire on stage. The unbelievable moving goes over onto the audience. At some point of course they make their point against racism, fascism and sexism. But what noone thought, that exactly at this concert in the very back a little brawl ignites. Apart from that, the fans can enjoy the big shots like “Kill The Poor”, “MP3 Get Off The Web”, “Too Drunk To Fuck”, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”, “California Über Alles”, “Viva Las Vegas” and “Holiday In Cambodia”, which the Foo Fighters covered with Serj Tankian of System Of A Down.