Psych’n’Core in the dark

Chants de Rats, Lupus, Inspector Deniz & The Ding Dongs, Arak Atak

Venster99 Wien, Austria 20230323

At Venster99, which was titled ‚best place in town‘ by Bloodshed666 Records, The Spauldings or desolat, who will play with Unsane soon, were guests lately. And this Thursday night, there is full house, as one band invites several friends over to play. 

The first act’s name is „Arac Attack“ just written differently: Arak Atak start with a ‚carpet of sound‘, at the same time, that Wheel probably start their Prog show at Gasometer. The mellow music feels like a kind of instrumental Jazz fusion or Jana Draka, even though they claim, that their guitarist is not their singer and that they aren’t an instrumental band. So at a point, the bassist takes over the microphone. 

Inspector Deniz & The Ding Dongs, the hosts of this great night, played e.g. with Cadû before and soon will be at Fluc and Lichterloo Festival. This evening, it is their first show with Lukas on synth and second guitar and with their first EP out. They are one of the few formations like Ecstatic Vision, where you can enjoy a mouth harp and transverse flute solo, loose yourself in one part and be surprised, when another returns and with an obligatory exchange of the instruments within the group members.

With Lupus, the Psychedelic part of the night continues, even taking things further back to The Doors 60s and 70s. A synth and the bottleneck play a leading roll in their spacy trip. And since their first self-titled album from 2020, the second is on its way. 

As cherry on this diverse cake of bands, Chants de Rats featuring Henrik Huber on guitar get the whole room moving. Their sound is brutal like Prllnkrchn or God Mother and they obviously have fun doing their thing, and this affects their audience. In the middle of the mayhem, singer Florian Carau is screaming, and then lets the crowd cary him. Since JHB announce their cancellation online shortly before the start, the evening is fine as it is, and the calender of the Venster99 contains upcoming highlights like Risk It!, Salamirecorder and Lurch..