Death vs. Black Metal – The Final Showdown

Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Ingested, Stormruler

European Tour 2023 presented by TON Music Productions, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20230329

It is yet another one of the big Metal concerts in the neverending series of TON Music Productions. The days before, The Fall II featured Uada and Cult Of Luna were guests with Russian Circles and Svalbard at the very place, the Arena. Profantasy enlightens the way as U-Bahn-Star with Classic classics, that leads to a package of four bands of two Extreme Metal genres.

The drummer of Stormruler jokingly indicates the audience and squad of photographers including representatives of Stormbringer to be quiet as he creeps to his kit. Starting with „Reign of the Winged Duke“, they bring in the „Sacred Rites & Black Magick“ hailing from St. Louis.

During the change over, the most beautiful word heard is ‚Old School Death Metal Junkie‘. What leads us to Ingested from the UK, who toured e.g. with Rivers Of Nihil. With their brutal rhythms and grunts, they can ask everything from the crowd, the circle pit, the wall of death and crowdsufers, and in some parts, the aggression even reminds of King810.

Black Metal team number two is Dark Funeral from Sweden, who darkened SIMMCity years ago. ‚God is not here today‘ a voice in the intro declares. The ‚group activity‘ is to scream ‚Hail Satan‘, as they present new songs like the ‚very personal‘ „When I’m Gone“. „Unchain My Soul“ must not be missing, and at the end, they wave their flag with their logo.

Coming one more time from more intro- to more extroverted. Cannibal Corpse, known for controversial lyrics and covers were not always allowed to perform like at the SBOA. But now they can include all songs in their set, insinuate „Seek & Destroy“ just for fun, dedicate „Stripped, Raped and Strangled“ to Trevor Strnad of TBDM and finish with „Hammer Smashed Face“. And like this great bruising evening, more from TON are about to come with Warbringer, Wayfarer, King Dude, Swallow The Sun, Watain, Brujeria and many more..